Eagle on the ground


Länge: 03:18

Hochgeladen am: 31.07.2017 23:41 | Deutschland

Wer diesen Song hört, der kann fühlen, was man im Leben verpassen kann ...

So überfrachtet und schnell pulsierend wie manches Leben ist auch dieser Song.

Da mir der Text sehr am Herzen liegt, le voilà ...

I'm paralyzed, I'm standing still

an effigy of what I used to be

and all my time is rushing by

I feel no sorrow ... why

I was so mean towards myself

I couldn't feel my frozen thoughts

no pain, no heart, no soul and even tears

are gone, suppressed by fears


I'm running round in circles all the time

beloved but meanly treated

My diary declares my life to waste

each word sounds disaffected

I'm feeling like an eagle on the ground

who lost his wings to fly

A wolf beneath the harvest moon

who's howling choked to die ...

I lost myself, I lost my mind

and step by step my feelings died inside,

I feel so drained, it's like a theft,

no inspiration left

I feel no move - I feel no breath,

no risk no fun no eagerness,

my life is wrapped in cotton wool but I

can't bare my drowning cry


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