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Mix von Tainted Icarus

Länge: 03:03

Hochgeladen am: 31.12.2017 02:46 |

Wahrheit mix - Just wanted to say thanks or danke for running these competitions and keeping them free. Enjoy getting a chance to work on pro recordings!! Much respect!

Teilnehmer: Tainted Icarus

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass du am HOFA XMAS MIX Contest teilgenommen hast und möchten dir hier ein kurzes Feedback geben.

We noticed that the choir in your mix happens to be a little narrow and small. You could give more volume to the distant mics and make it more of a church choir. Also, the panning could be a little broader and bigger. You should also try a little more of compression on the choir to control the dynamics a little better and make the choir melt together.

The bass area of your mix is still a bit too stable and would definitely profit from a little more movement and "pumping“. You can use a fair amount of sidechain ducking / compression to make the bass drum present and the beat more "danceable“. In this way you can get a loud and boomy bass area without these both instruments competing to heavily.

We do like the drums, though. They are placed quite well and your mix has a good amount of bass energy. 

You should try to put the Lead Vocals more in the front of the mix as they appear a little dull and distant. You can give it a little more volume and treble to make it more direct. We also noticed that the fundamentals of the vocals come off badly in your mix. You should therefore not only give the vocals more high-end but also more low mids to get a warmer and more natural vocal sound.

The spatial effects in your mix are not bad when seen individually but they don't really seem to fit together properly as the spatial situation and positioning of the instruments is not consistent enough. Maybe just start with one good room and make the other reverb effects fit this base.

In general the sonic image of your mix seems a little small and "hollow“. You should try to give the signals more warmth and tonal structure in the mids. Especially the lower mids carry the fundamental tones of most instruments and need a good amount of energy for a natural and full image.

We also noticed a very high level on the clap track. This signal is not that important and should therefore be a little quieter to get the right hierarchy between the instruments.

The screenshot below shows the comparison of frequency response. The orange curves show energy over frequency of our mix while the white curves show the frequency response of your version of this song. The upper curve is for peak levels and the lower curve shows the energy over time. Therefore, the lower curve is more meaningful for the comparison. You should lower the volume of our mix by 3 dB as the auditory AB-comparison is only valid on the same loudness level.

Die Mixanalysen sind neben Lehrmaterial, Support, Online-Campus & Studio-Workshops ein essentieller Bestandteil der HOFA-College Tontechnikkurse. Erfahrene Ton-Profis hören die Mixes der Kursteilnehmer und erstellen individuelle und ausführliche, mehrseitige Feedbacks über die Stärken und Schwächen der jeweiligen Arbeit.
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Das HOFA Team wünscht dir weiterhin viel Spaß mit deiner Musik und deinen Produktionen!


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